Wednesday, 31 March 2010

You Are Not Welcome

Brown gave a speech today about immigration, in his speech he warned against scaremongering and urged an "united front" among the main parties to combat xenophobia. Saying that "how we conduct this debate is as important as the debate itself." In that same speech he said:
To those migrants who think they can get away without making a contribution; without respecting our way of life; without honouring the values that make Britain what it is - I have only one message - you are not welcome.
Well, why not just grab a pitch fork? Someone has been reading the BNP's guide to immigration. It's like "British jobs for British workers". Just how is that helpful from a government? You would like to think this "debate" could rise above, you're not welcome or go home. Lest we forget who lit the fuse over out of control immigration with their policy to begin with.

As although there were people who could have filled many of the jobs immigrates have taken, it was easier and cheaper, due to minimal wage, to fill those vacancies with workers from abroad. As a result the unemployed have been left on benefits, people have seen a shift in their communities in a short space of time, along with a shortage of resources.

Not really able to take seriously a government that has ignored peoples fears until this late moment and on the eve of an election. All while patting themselves on the back over their policy. Selectively glossing over that, if current policy was working would we have BNP members elected to local councils or Europe?

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