Wednesday, 31 March 2010

You Are Not Welcome

Brown gave a speech today about immigration, in his speech he warned against scaremongering and urged an "united front" among the main parties to combat xenophobia. Saying that "how we conduct this debate is as important as the debate itself." In that same speech he said:
To those migrants who think they can get away without making a contribution; without respecting our way of life; without honouring the values that make Britain what it is - I have only one message - you are not welcome.
Well, why not just grab a pitch fork? Someone has been reading the BNP's guide to immigration. It's like "British jobs for British workers". Just how is that helpful from a government? You would like to think this "debate" could rise above, you're not welcome or go home. Lest we forget who lit the fuse over out of control immigration with their policy to begin with.

As although there were people who could have filled many of the jobs immigrates have taken, it was easier and cheaper, due to minimal wage, to fill those vacancies with workers from abroad. As a result the unemployed have been left on benefits, people have seen a shift in their communities in a short space of time, along with a shortage of resources.

Not really able to take seriously a government that has ignored peoples fears until this late moment and on the eve of an election. All while patting themselves on the back over their policy. Selectively glossing over that, if current policy was working would we have BNP members elected to local councils or Europe?

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Time To End The 'Special Relationship'

It took a report by the "Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee" to conclude what we all knew already. That for Britain it's more a "special friendship", where one partner gets to see other people, have no commitment and yet call up for a bootie call. It's amazing it took a committee to conclude that.

What made the "Special Relationship" work was Britain's relationship with the rest of the world and the rest of the world's belief that Britain would council America not to do stupid things. Blair destroyed that position giving support to Bush, he made Britain a lap dog in the eye's of the world. In doing that he undermined what made the "Special Relationship" work. He made it just a term that people snigger at.

At least we won't hopefully have to hear all about the "Special Relationship" any more, while watching MPs falling over themselves, grinning like a manic and repeating creepily the declaration that they're special, so very special, over and over again like Gollum without a comb over.

Covering Up Abuse In The Catholic Church

Paedophilia is a "grave sin" the catholic church teaches, so grave accused priests were moved to another parish, while paperwork was buried. Just how many abuses must be reported before they stop being above the law? If you abuse a child you commit a criminal offence and you should face prosecution. It's beyond the pale that the church was not only more concerned for their reputation than protecting children, but church law is still in play with these cases. They are crimes, those priests should be put on trial, not prayed for.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Election Pre Budget

Never before has a chancellor said so little in so many words. T'is the season though, which is why it was far better to kick the Tories, than come up with a credible plan to pay off £167bn of debt.

The BBC have a handy summary of the key budget points. Must remember to buy a couple packs of cigarettes and a bottle of cider before Sunday.

Emmeline Pankhurst

I'm currently reading the biography of Emmeline Pankhurst and came across this wonderful photograph of her. She's being arrested after leading a protest to parliament, armed with a rolled resolution for women's suffrage and a few lilies of the valley. What really strikes me about it is, the look on her face, such pride and defiance.
We are here, not because we are law-breakers; we are here in our efforts to become law-makers.
Wonderful, I hope I always look as proud on my way to vote.

Poltical Posters Dog Tax and BA - Part 2

Having not been impressed with the political posters so far, I'm glad to see at last an interesting one. Based of course on those really annoying Churchill insurance adverts and Labours dog pat down which was announced, then retracted while doing a U-Turn, since people couldn't quite work out how taxing dog owners keeps people safe.

It's a good poster, makes a link with Brown's taxing love affair, portrays him as something annoying and is witty. Best use so far of a political poster.

Did they tell you about party funding situation? Ironically the poster was probably funded by Lord Ashcoft.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Jon Venables - Public Interest?

At long last Jack Straw and the government have put a stop to this media frenzy by not issuing different statements contradicting each other, but being clear about what's happening. This situation was so poorly managed by Downing Street. It was inevitable that given public interest the media will be seeking information. It was also inevitable that the family of James Bulger would be pushed into the spot light. Just saying you have nothing to say wasn't going to do anything under these circumstances.

All this media speculation was far worse than just providing some information. If becoming public knowledge that Venables had been arrested again, couldn't have just been suppressed. They should have managed the situation by giving a public statement from the onset, being clear that he was facing an investigation, thus until definite charges and a conviction are brought no information should be released.

What happened to James Bulger was an appalling crime, yet either everyone is entitled to a fair trial or we're left with that statement having a caveat. It is not in the public interest at large for the rule of law to be bent by politicians or newspapers selling papers. We cannot have trial by media. Jack Straw is right to stand his ground.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Brown In Afghanistan

Am I just a misanthrope or is Brown's "surprise" visit to Afghanistan the most cynical, distasteful, purely self motived stunt I've seen a politician do for quite awhile. Such shamefulness means there must be an election soon. You can always guarantee a politician will rise above their "principles" the nearer you get to one.

Oscar Predictions 2010

Last year I didn't do too badly at all in my predictions, this year isn't looking as difficult to predict. Oh and I'm wearing a Valentino chic dress, with Louboutin's “Differa” Heels.

The full nominations can be seen here.

Best Picture

Avatar. This year I think this category won't link with director, given there are so many nominations.

Best Director

Kathryn Bigelow, who would be the first woman to win this award, so fingers crossed.

Best Actor

Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart, very American, he's not won before and the sort of film the Oscars love.

Best Actress

Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side is considered the favourite and is highly likely to win. Though Meryl Streep hasn't won for awhile so could steal the statue. I'll go against the favourite and say Streep.

Best Supporting Actor

Christoph Waltz in Inglourious Basterds is a clear favourite.

Best supporting Actress

Mo'Nique in Precious, the Oscars love a tear jerker.

Best Animation

Up, clear winner.

Best Foreign Film

The White Ribbon, I don't see the other nominations having the edge Michael Haneke does.

Best Original Screenplay

Inglourious Basterds, Quentin Tarantino isn't nominated often so is likely to win this category.

Best Adapted Screenplay

Up in the Air, as it isn't likely to pick up any of the other awards.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Dance Of Democracy

> Click on image to enlarge <
I went to the Saatchi Gallery's current exhibition entitled "The Empire Strikes Back: Indian Art Today". It was a very interesting exhibition, largely because I'm so used to seeing work that reflects western culture, it was fascinating to see eastern culture in this way. I was surprised at just how political a lot of the work was.

One artwork that stood out to me was "Dance Of Democracy" by Mansoor Ali, it's the picture above. A series of chairs precariously perched together. When you stand in front of it there's a feeling that it may fall any minute, if luck is what holds it all together. You start looking for logical reasons as to why it stays together, glue sticking it? A frame inside it? The chairs have notches that interlink? All to no avail. It somehow against all odds stays in place, as fragile as it is.

I really liked that visual interpretation of democracy, as it is also in it's nature bureaucratic, made up of seats, committees and departments. Thus the humble chair is a prefect choice to symbolise it.