Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Tory Situation is like......

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Wonderful cartoon by Garland, I even think I see a "pooh stick".

A Future Fair For All?

There's a website launched called 'a future fair for all' that is about:
providing people with facts about the last thirteen years, helping you take a long, hard look at Labour.
It's actually quite alarming viewing their record like that, it reads like a judge reading a conviction out.

Monday, 22 February 2010

I Too Was Bullied and Beaten By Brown

It's always strange to me that it's the smaller things that take hold in the media and get whipped into a frenzy, perhaps it's the relatable that people latch on to. Bullying is something which so many have personal experience of, myself included. Which does make this a damaging story to take hold.

The revelations about the rage, despair and indecision inside Number 10, doesn't surprise me. It is shocking to me that Brown essentially has a big fat ego? No. Does it shock me that he doesn't like to take responsibility? No. Brown on his damage limitation rounds said about his "passionate nature":
I think the country wants someone that will push things forward, and not allow things to be stagnant and stale...
Yes that would be nice, where can we find such a person? His indecision is a far worse trait for a prime minster to have, situations don't stop and wait while he ponders what to do. He is unfit for being prime minster because he doesn't take responsibility, just control. His temper/bullying etc is just a by-product of his inability to do his job.

No doubt Brown will weather this as he always has, the only change this will make is if polls drop, then the mystery election date may move. Which is the key factor to this story, how people interpret Ms Pratt's intervention - a breach of confidence or outrage at Number 10?

Political Posters and Slogans So Far - Part 1

What delightful campaign posters from the Tories and Labour to date. In fact so much so I thought I'd take a look them.

  • Labour's two face Cameron poster

So off camera Cameron has an even bigger forehead than a Ferengi. Worse still the man is plotting to scrap our right to see a cancer specialist within two weeks. Not something he's put into his manifesto, given the slogan does translate to - the Tories want to kill you - perhaps I'm looking at the wrong section, maybe it's the under reducing the population chapter?

Verdict - Bit rich from Labour, I don't know anyone that hasn't been on waiting lists longer than 2 weeks to see an actual Doctor. A "right" is not a word I would use, "luck" would be more accurate. Hypocritical at best.
  • Labours election campaign slogan

"A Future Fair for All"

This slogan was announced along with a speech about knowing that they are inept, but the Tories won't let everyone ride on the roller-coaster at the forthcoming fair. Though given inequality has increased under a Labour government, perhaps they mean- some futures are fairer than others?

Verdict - Gimmicky and joins the ever growing list of slogans generated by the Labour spin machine. The only use it has is allowing Brown to keep repeating his new slogan at every opportunity and like a scratch on a CD, he will. An exhausted and exhausting election technique. Give us a break.
  • Conservative "I've Never Voted Tory"

Like a dirty secret you wouldn't want anyone to know, these posters act as declaration, you're not alone if you are thinking of voting scum sucking pigs Tory. Like an alcoholic Julie states it openly for the first time, while her son comforts her and daughter looks like she might vomit.

Verdict - Too manufactured, vanilla and generic. What are they for really? Tell us your plans for families Dave, she may look happy, but does she really know? Does anyone know? Do you know? What a waste of paper.

  • Tories - Gordon will even tax you when you die

Jumped the gun with this one, as it isn't Labour policy and apparently it wasn't under consideration. But don't let facts stand in the way of scaring people with death. Gordon will steal your money when you die and then bury you in an unmarked grave.

Verdict -"Brown taxing everything" narrative could strike a cord with people, as it is an expression about him so often used. Yet this just fell flat on it's face, badly judged. Another waste of paper.

  • What do we learn?
Tories can't communicate their message, they're walking in the dark while hitting their shins on chairs and kicking out at Labour. They really need to be clear and a lot more finely tuned in their campaign. Stop trying to be everything and just be about something.

Labour don't have a lot of money and are it playing safe. Same battle lines as they always draw, evil Tories, cuts etc. Their attack on Cameron is similar to John Major's on Blair, asking voters to question what's behind the public face. This is a good attack, though with Blair being so associated with New Labour, there is only so far they can take this without it backfiring.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Electoral Reform - An Empty Vote

Gordon Brown has written a comment is free piece over on the Guardian subtitled:
I will do everything I can to secure a referendum to let the people decide on electoral reform.
Can't help but think he'd be better off not mentioning the words "referendum" in the same sentence as anything alluding to New Labour and promises. Tony Blair pledged to do exactly the same thing their 1997 manifesto and lest we forget the Europe referendum that repeatedly never was.
Faith and trust in parliament has taken a severe knock in the past year, but I do not believe people have lost their appetite for politics, or for the change it can bring.
Indeed politics at the moment is like a haggis, bon appetit. Yet when Brown speaks of reforming politics via the voting system, it's just pointless without addressing what has done the most damage - expenses, lack of transparency, accountability, over-powerful whips and party machines etc. Otherwise the only thing you're changing is the MPs, it's like painting over mould and hoping no one notices the smell. As though I support a change in the voting system, I don't at the expense of ignoring more important reform that is yet to surface.

The vote for Browns "election reform" is thought to be next week as he says:
I am determined to do everything I can to take on and persuade those who want to deny the people the chance to decide at a referendum, and I will build support across the Commons, the Lords and the country.
Support he created in less than a working week, now that would be a good use of whips "leadership". So perhaps he could use some of that "leadership" to get the basics right first, like what on earth is going on with expenses, everyone is paying something back while 5 Sirs report on the report, that 3 separate Sirs created and rules get changed but parliament doesn't vote, but everyone criticises everyone else including the Sirs? Certainly seems the best way forward for a clear transparent system.