Monday, 22 February 2010

I Too Was Bullied and Beaten By Brown

It's always strange to me that it's the smaller things that take hold in the media and get whipped into a frenzy, perhaps it's the relatable that people latch on to. Bullying is something which so many have personal experience of, myself included. Which does make this a damaging story to take hold.

The revelations about the rage, despair and indecision inside Number 10, doesn't surprise me. It is shocking to me that Brown essentially has a big fat ego? No. Does it shock me that he doesn't like to take responsibility? No. Brown on his damage limitation rounds said about his "passionate nature":
I think the country wants someone that will push things forward, and not allow things to be stagnant and stale...
Yes that would be nice, where can we find such a person? His indecision is a far worse trait for a prime minster to have, situations don't stop and wait while he ponders what to do. He is unfit for being prime minster because he doesn't take responsibility, just control. His temper/bullying etc is just a by-product of his inability to do his job.

No doubt Brown will weather this as he always has, the only change this will make is if polls drop, then the mystery election date may move. Which is the key factor to this story, how people interpret Ms Pratt's intervention - a breach of confidence or outrage at Number 10?

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