Wednesday, 9 June 2010

New New Next Labour

So the five candidates have been chosen for the Labour Leadership. I'm glad Diane Abbott has a place in the debate, as at least there is some representation for the left of the party and it's backbenches. If Labour is to rebuild itself the debate needs to go beyond populist announcements or distancing themselves from the party's failures. As so far they've said nothing new. They have not yet re-shaped their politics to changed circumstances.

It's a sad representation of our politics though that most of the candidates are career politicians. It's a worrying trend as what do they really know about struggling to meet the bills, what it's like to wait on the NHS, getting on the property ladder? New New Labour sounds like much of the same. Which is disappointing, as who will speak for the little guy if not what many consider the "peoples Party"?

On a related note - Fingers crossed for Ed Ball's winning, there's hours of entrainment to be had.

Labour shows its Balls.
Balls bounces in polls.

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  1. The cartoon you use is bizarre. Ed Miliband and Ed Balls only became MPs in 2005.

    On another note, learn how to use apostrophes correctly. eg "Ed Ball's winning"