Thursday, 22 October 2009

BNP On Question Time

Having just watched the well built up appearance of Nick Griffin on Question Time, I was stuck firstly by the anti fascist groups trying to stop Griffin entering the BBC and the programme going ahead. I seriously question their anti fascist credentials on seeing such video, perhaps reading up on what fascism is may help, as that just ironic.

I did feel sceptical as to whether the programme would really be a debate, but David Dimbleby kept it on track well, particularly since the audience clearly wanted to string up Griffin by his testicles. I would have preferred the programme to focus on questions covering a range of topics, yet it is inevitable that the spot light would fall squarely on the BNP. There was too much interest for it not to.

Jack Straw was the weakest link, the question of whether "the success of the BNP can be explained by the misguided immigration policies of the government" just floored him, combined with Griffin's comments on the Iraq War, Straw really showed that this government can't defend it's record. Which hardly puts them in a strong position to challenge the BNP. Bonnie Greer was wonderful, when Nick Griffin was up against her he was really shown to be second-rate. I loved that she lectured him on British history, inviting him at one point to go to the British Museum to understand more.

Out of every one on the panel though it was David Dimbleby that real shone tonight, he threw the incriminating material at Nick Griffin and pushed him to explain it. Those were the times that Griffin really looked awful, loony, racist and embarrassed. I don't think just this alone will expose the BNP or change the mind of their votes, mainstream parties addressing people's alienation will, at least this is a start though.

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