Friday, 16 April 2010

Labours Censorship Of Comments

I was watching Labours animated manifesto on Youtube and was struck by the statement, "we like people with opinions" within their "active democracy" section. So I thought I would test this, I posted a comment:
So you plan to do in 5 years what you promised to do in the last 13, with no money, only debt you've created. That sounds so achievable.
It may surprise you to know it was rejected. I tried another tac:
It's nice to see a policeman on the beat . . . . . . for once.
Nope, another:
Boom and bust, where art thou?
Then another:
Please amend the dialogue to say "we like people with our opinions".
Interestingly other political parties don't censor their comments, seeming to understand that not everyone will agree with you. Yet to take away the voice and criticisms of those that don't, while I hasten to add, inviting comment, is far worse in the long run for democracy, tempers and debate.

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