Friday, 16 April 2010

The Leaders Debate

I was one of the nine million who tuned into this spectacle last night, my overwhelming thought was that it went on far too long, almost slipped into a coma once the repetition of soundbites began. On the performance of the leaders though:

Clegg came over very well, he won that easily. One answer I really liked from him was on elderly care, it's so nice to hear the notion that you should/can put people above politics to reach a cross party consensus. I've said before on this blog, that there should be areas that politicians don't involve themselves in, but come to an agreement then just leave it alone, heath care is the one I feel very strongly about. So I echo the sentiment around the web, I agree with Nick.

Cameron wasn't too bad, though surprisingly not that good either, being on the defensive doesn't suit him, he seemed very ill at ease. His opening and closing statement though were the most refined and sharpest. He just really didn't pose a challenge or make a mark in the debate itself, he ended up eclipsed by Nick Clegg.

Brown clearly had a few well rehearsed lines and jokes to deliver. Which he did seamlessly, I'm sure no one noticed. Just as trying to embrace the unwilling Lib Dem leader went unnoticed. At no point did I think I was watching Brokeback Mountain. Not even when Brown lent forward, gazing at Clegg, while smiling and biting his lower lip, before looking up to say - "I agree with Nick".

General consensus today is that Clegg won the debate. If he can capitalise on this interest, it will make the forthcoming election harder to call, by pushing it into a hung parliament territory. Certainly the other parties are getting concerned. Yet Clegg is in the wonderful position that in the event of a hung parliament, it is he who the others will look to in order to form a government. That makes him very difficult to attack.

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