Sunday, 2 May 2010

General Election Party Policy and Voting

For those unsure of how to vote on May 6th, though there are far too many policies for me to summarise them on this blog, the BBC have put together a handy guide to party policies. You can also answer questions about different policies and find a closest vote match at - Vote for policies - which include all the parties rather than just the three main.

If you want to tactically vote - look up the constituently you live in and the likelihood of which party wining it at this election at Election Calculus. Unsure what your constituency is? Look it up at election maps.

Whatever way you choose to place your vote, there are always people to vote for, independents, none of the above parties and of course the three main ones. So use your vote and have your say.

Happy voting!

Update: All the finial polls can be seen over on Political Betting, if anyone would rather tactically vote according what's happening nationally.

Also you can look up your constituency on Wikipedia to see who's standing in advance.

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