Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Kraft Takes Over Cadbury's

Oh great, does this mean Cadbury's chocolate will now come in squashed flat processed squares, of a slightly odd luminous colour, that will taste a bit like chocolate but not quite enough for you to feel comfortable calling it that? Damn you sell out share holders, may you be made to eat Kraft toasted "cheese" sandwiches at every shareholder meeting from now on.

I'm not sure whether this take over will end up good or bad in the long run, that would be determined by what Kraft does with Cadbury's in this country. Potentially it opens a market in the US which could bring better investment for Cadbury's here. Yet my overwhelming feeling with this is just- is nothing sacred? This recession is like throwing stuff off a sinking ship, with industry in this country really taking the hit, that finance in fairness deserves.

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