Monday, 23 November 2009

Hung Parliament

On seeing the recent polling, my first reaction was to grab a paper bag and control my breathing.

Conservatives 37%(-6)
Labour 31%(+5)
Lib Dems 17%(-2)

This is hung parliament territory. That kind of shift in polling I've only seen once recently and that was towards 'others' after the expense drama broke. Labour have done nothing to gain the jump, so I agree with general consensus that it's a rogue poll.

Yet if Labour were party more to the left, if they didn't have Brown in charge, if they didn't have the history they do, I wouldn't be worried about a hung parliament. As it would be the best way to keep the concerns over the Tories cuts, welfare apathy etc in check. Labour however are too similar to make a good opposition party and they really do need to lose power in order to reinvent themselves.

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