Saturday, 28 November 2009

Information Visualisation

I was reading an interesting article about developing ways to communicate ideas, information and data easily. Mainly by turning information into images, rather than just text. The above picture is an example used in the article, click on it to view it in all the awful detail. As the problem with that example is, once you have something to compare it to, once it becomes relate-able, it's just shocking.

Though using this technique to show the dangers for vaccines for example is a very good idea (below), as I've no idea whether 25ug of mercury is dangerous to me, yet in the context presented I know I consume more in food. That's a brilliant way to inform people of the comparative dangers, rather than just sending out a bible sized leaflet and feeding scepticism over government information.

Essentially the point being made is with so much information available and surrounding us, we need to develop ways to communicate it effectively. That I completely agree with, what's so wonderful about this digital age is the freedom of information, yet that is limited by how we communicate and utilise it.

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