Sunday, 15 November 2009

Glasgow North East By Election - Result

I lost my bet again, I would usually be humble in defeat, yet given the coverage of what a great victory it was and two losses in a row for me, it's starting to feel like a Brown stealth tax. I think I'll push decorum aside.

It's not a vote of victory for Labour, if they couldn't win that seat they couldn't win anything. A turn out of 33%, the lowest turnout in Scottish by-election history, is voter apathy. Is it really victorious that Labour voters are sitting on their hands on mass rather than voting, that's a shinning endorsement of Brown's policies? What wouldn't be then?

When you take into account apathy it's not a good sign for South of the boarder and it's English seats that win elections, as they account for the largest proportion of them. If they can't mobilise their voters in Scotland, in effect their heartlands, that doesn't bode well for England.

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