Monday, 23 November 2009

Iraq Inquiry Starts Tomorrow

Sir John Chilcot kicks off the non judgemental inquiry from tomorrow, in order to identify lessons that can be learnt from Iraq. Of course we wouldn't want to pass judgement on anyone, as that would mean taking responsibility for actions and events.

There is one upside to this is with no position of power to protect him and Labour facing the losing the election next year, Blair has reason to feel a little nervous. The Tories could shift the goal posts, if public opinion strongly shifts against Blair and New Labour in light of what will be disclosed.

It's the hope I hold on to at least. As someone who strongly believes in the rule of law, the fundamental principle that the law is above everyone and it applies to everyone. There little more distasteful to me than seeing Bush and Blair prance about on the world stage while blood covers their hands. They made a mockery of parliament, they made a mockery of democracy. That's before you even consider the human cost and how on earth can that be measured.

Lest we forget.


  1. i remember when the war started. i was in my first year at uni and our prof asked us to write an article about the war and what the result of the war could be. we all knew that it was going to end up with lots of regrets.
    they said they will 'introduce' Iraq to democracy regime and they chose to fight and destroy and kill to do it.
    i still belive in law but i wish the rule of law was above everyone and it applied to everyone.

  2. Horribly disheartening isn't it, even though I know my believe is idealistic, I just can't accept the alternative of this is the way it is.