Sunday, 15 November 2009

UK Child Migrants - Government To Say Sorry

I hadn't heard of this before today, hundreds of thousands of British children were deported to former colonies.
The child immigration scheme, mainly organised by the Sisters of Mercy and the Sisters of Nazareth, was intended to bring "pure white stock" to former colonies, and ran from about 1850-1967.

The full details of the scheme are only now emerging. It has become clear that about 85% of the children were not orphans at all.

Their parents were told by the church and state authorities that they had been adopted by middle-class parents in Britain. The children were unceremoniously told that their parents were dead.
Essentially the migration was intended to stop the children being a burden on the British state while supplying the receiving countries with potential workers of 'white stock'. Worst still, some of the people they were entrusted to abused, neglected or used them as cheap labour. I lack the words to express just how awful that is. I'm usually very sceptical about government issued apologies, they seem so hollow and inadequate. Yet in this case drawing attention to these shameful events will hopefully aid in reuniting these families. It is shocking however that Brown won't be issuing the apology until the new year, as if it's something he has to work into his schedule.

So often the sentiment of "never again" is echoed yet nothing is ever learnt, I truly hope lessons are leant from this. Devaluing human life, taking advantage of those that don't have the ability to stand up for themselves and brushing aside those we should protect, is just disgusting.

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  1. it is just unbelievable and unfair. Government's apologies do not bring anything back. they are just kids, they didnt do anything wrong and didnt deserve to be deported.
    we live in such an unfair world.