Tuesday, 25 August 2009

For every 1,000 cameras in London ...

An internal report released by the Metropolitan Police under Freedom of Information laws disclosed that: "For every 1,000 cameras in London, less than one crime is solved per year." Well I'm so glad that the man who dropped litter is now rotting in jail with no chance of release, it makes the fact the UK is the one of the most monitored countries in the world worthwhile.

I truly don't understand why the government and police can't be targeted in using CCTV, it's becoming like a police replacement system. There have been many reports now that say having CCTV in car parks reduced theft and attacks on people, it also clearly makes sense to have CCTV outside and inside tube stations. So why not put the resources where they would prevent or be of use, rather than being so ridiculously indiscriminate. CCTV can not nor should it, replace a police officer on the street.

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