Monday, 24 August 2009

Is Gordon Alive?

Has Gordon Brown been seized by Mighty Ming the merciless? Or has Lord Long Pretentious title tied up Brown in his basement? The Lockerbie controversy unfolds, silence, England win the ashes, silence and a new series of X-Factor starts, silence. It's unheard of that Downing Street won't pass comment on just about anything that captures the public's attention.

Last time I checked Brown was still Prime Minster of the United Kingdom. Downing Street have maintained that the decision was "none of its business". Indeed the initial decision was just that, the political fall out however is their business, you can't just bury your head in the sand, we are still an "United" Kingdom. Either support the decision, as it was Scotland's to make or at least help politically, don't just play out the rope for the SNP to look bad.

Politics for self interest, is politics at it's worst. Particularly from someone who is meant to represent the UK on the international stage and has the platform to do so.

Update - Gordon's alive and given a response to the ashes win.

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