Monday, 3 August 2009

Harriet Harman - It's Raining Men

I really wish Harriet Harman wouldn't presume she speaks for all of female kind, while making sweeping generalisations. Giving women the opportunity to get into politics is one thing, it's another thing entirely to stack the cards so that regardless of ability women gain. How can anyone respect that? And why would women want that? Earning things in life is so much more rewarding, to know it was you who did it, you achieved it.

Yet there in lies the problem with parliament, how many people regardless of gender got the job on merit lately? Harriet Harman should be arguing for that, as it won't matter how many women hold those posts if they didn't deserve it, likewise for anyone. I don't adhere to the idea that a feminist is a women who lacks ambition. Harriet needs to roll up her sleeves and stop complaining, it's starting to sound like an excuse, you can't legislate for every equality in life.

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