Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Man on Wire

I just watched the documentary Man on Wire on the BBC's iplayer, it's about:
In August 1974, French wire-walker Philippe Petit spent nearly an hour walking, dancing, kneeling and lying on a wire which he and his friends had strung in secret between the rooftops of New York's Twin Towers. Six years of intense planning, dreaming and physical training fell into place that morning
It's a remarkable documentary, Philippe is a very engaging storyteller, he pulls you into his plan from the start, just as he did to those that helped him. He is enchanting, full of ego and self-confidence, brazenly well aware of the fact that he used people and then cast them aside. Yet as a policeman who arrested Philippe said, he knew he was seeing something unlike anything he'd ever see again. A true description of this film and Philippe Petit.

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