Sunday, 9 August 2009

Tories Plan Access to NHS Files

Now this is an interesting idea, allowing NHS patients to be able to access their own medical records on-line. I've long thought one of the problems with the NHS is how secretive Doctors and medical care is. Information is almost sacred and you as a patient are for some reason overlooked in the process.

To really address what's wrong with the NHS, the way information is shared needs to be looked at. That isn't by any means the only problem, it is just symptomatic of the centralisation that has happened under Labour. It's oblivious that putting a politician in charge of the NHS is an issue, as what does a politician know about running a health service? It needs to be run by the people the work within it.

Yet the problem with the Tories idea is - will the they be as inept as Labour are at IT projects? Microsoft being suggested doesn't fill me with confidence. As the privacy issue this idea provokes will seriously need to be addressed, as though I want access to my files I don't want every hack out there looking at them.

It is enviable that all medical records will be digitalised, as written ones are passed there sell by date. Storing them, loosing them, damage and with people moving around the country a lot more than they used to, written records can be spread between the places you've lived. Yet how it's implemented is the big question or perhaps how well it's implemented is more accurate.

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