Thursday, 6 August 2009

Jack Grants Ronnie Biggs Release

It appears that Ronnie Biggs's medical incapacity has suddenly made him not a risk to society any more and Jack Straw has granted release. In reality Biggs will stay in hospital but from Friday the three prison guards that have been at his bedside around the clock will be removed. What difference you may ask is there to a few weeks ago? As in the picture above he doesn't look like a man about to rob a bank or go skiing, Jack said:
In this case, I have had to consider the medical evidence against well established criteria – specifically whether death was likely to occur soon and whether the prisoner was bedridden or severely incapacitated. The medical evidence clearly shows that Mr Biggs is very ill and that his condition has deteriorated recently, culminating in his re-admission to hospital. His condition is not expected to improve.
That doesn't sound convincing, I wonder if the difference is the judicial review of Jack's decision to reject the Parole Board's recommendation, will now be dropped since Biggs has been released.

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