Friday, 13 March 2009

Arise Sir Fred Goodloose Your Knighthood

Unable to claw money back from Sir Fred Goodwin and under mounting pressure to do something, Mp's are petitioning for his knighthood to be removed. Like Robert Mugabe before him on hearing the shocking news Freddy will no doubt be stuck by the harshness of such an act, brutal, just so damn brutal he'll think as his lower lip quivers and his eyes burn with tears. He'll close them tightly and bite his lower lip as emotions flood over him. Get a grip it's just a medal he'll say while laughing at himself. Alas though a tear will escape, falling down his face to drop from his chin onto the medal he cradles in his hands.

I'm sure he cares as much for his knighthood as keeping himself in the lifestyle he's become accustomed to. If he hadn't "obtained his knighthood by other means" this might have been a productive route, rather than just looking like a last ditch attempt to save face.

It gets incredibly frustrating that we always have to go through this spin time and time again. Akin to having an urge to sneeze, but for some reason you just can't, so you sit there with a screwed up face and wide open mouth, over and over again.

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