Friday, 27 March 2009

Re: G20 summit: Are demonstrators being demonised?

I'm glad to see at least one article isn't jumping on the scaremongering band wagon. People having an axe to grind isn't the same as picking up an axe and going out to protest. Though it's quite possible a small minority will want to incite violence, the majority will not. This idea that you have to be an anti capitalism anarchist intent on harm, to want to protest is ridiculous. You don't have to be anti capitalist to feel angry about bankers pay outs, wasted money, growing debt and unemployment. You don't have to be an anarchist to say the government should focus on helping people not banks, or they themselves have a role in this rescission.

I'll be out at the Put People First protest in London, I'm neither anti capitalist or an anarchist. I would not be protesting if I felt it's intent was anything other than a peaceful one. As the moment a protest becomes violent, you become just a mob of people, you lose the message you were trying to send and that's self defeating.

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