Thursday, 19 March 2009

Pope – No Preservativi Just Love

The Pope's tour of Africa has has been overshadowed with a statement he made about contraceptives. The Vatican has changed the wording in light of criticism, but according to journalists present he originally said the Aids problem:
. . . cannot be overcome with the distribution of condoms which, on the contrary, increase the problem. . . .
No one expects the Pope to start shouting a condom a day keeps the doctor away, but have some overview Holy One. It's not like the Vatican isn't capable of it, the Belgian Cardinal Goddfried Daneels has said:
. . . This comes down to protecting yourself in a preventive manner against a disease or death. [It] cannot be entirely morally judged in the same manner as a pure method of birth control . . . (read more)
Hallelujah Cardinal, 33 million people are infected with HIV, two thirds of them in Africa. The Pope's answer to this; "spiritual and human awakening", "friendship for those who suffer", “marital fidelity” and “abstinence”. That's right "amore" but not of the naughty kind will solve the problem. It is a shame though we're not all Popes otherwise that might have been a workable solution. In the absence of abstinence though, use a god damn condom.

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