Monday, 16 March 2009

RE: Is the G20 a lose-lose for Gordon?

There's an interesting article on Political Betting about the G20 summit and the media's reaction to it.
…..this occasion seems to encapsulate the problems in which Labour find themselves. Even in a case where they have not yet done anything wrong, there is no way that they will be given any credit unless they perform the extraordinary.….
Both the forthcoming G20 summit and Brown's Obama visit have been poorly received and reviewed. Is it as PB says that resignation has set in and media are setting upon him? I don't doubt an element of it is that, just as there's an element of deep dislike for Brown, but is there something lurking under that.

The internet has made information freely available to people, it's given a potential voice to any one with a keyboard and internet connection. It's allowed media to report at any moment in the day, from anywhere in the world. Just type a word into Google and you have opinions, articles and information right in front of you in the blink of an eye.

There lies Labours problem, you have to adapt to that. Labour have always manipulated information in a way that any control freak would be in awe of, yet one statement or tip off now, isn't just one, it's thousands as it's passed around the web like Chinese whispers. They can't control that, but they've not adapted to it either, and until they do they're not managing exceptions or communicating clearly. They're just giving away ammo to shoot at them with.

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