Monday, 2 March 2009

The Court of Public Opinion - Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman's desperation to be the next prime minster is showing again. Every time I read anything she says though, I can't help but be overwhelmed, it's like opening an oven being blasted in the face with hot air and just hoping your eyebrows are still intact after. She's said about Sir Fred Goodwin's pension.
""The prime minister has said that it is not acceptable and therefore it will not be accepted. It might be enforceable in a court of law, this contract, but it’s not enforceable in the court of public opinion and that’s where the Government steps in."
Bit of a slippery slope changing contract laws isn't it? And what is there really to contest here? If you sign a contact you agree to it, unless there's a clause to say that payment won't be made under the terms XYZ, then government approved it, Goodwin indeed for some.

New Labour increased peoples anger in order to distract and point the finger at someone else, yet there's three fingers pointing right back at them. The terms "terrible misjudgement", "money for nothing" and "doing the honourable thing", can easily applied to the people saying them.

Count adjourned.

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