Sunday, 22 March 2009

Tony McNulty Second Home Expenses

Yet another Labour MP has been claiming second home expenses for an additional income. This time Tony McNulty has claimed £60,000 in second home expenses, for a house he owns but his parents live in. McNulty says he regrets his actions and is calling for a review of MPs’ expenses. The Daily Mail has a very in depth view complete with graphs, photos and maps.

I'll give him:
  • 6/10 for audacity – Compared to other MPs' in the news recently he wasn't caught with his hand, arm, upper body and face in the trough.
  • 8/10 for artistic licence - I haven't heard the “the house I own and my parents live is my second home” one.
  • 6/10 for regret/apology - At least he attempted something even if it was half arsed.
The results for this have been calculated and are presented below:

"Stupid and Sleazy enough not to vote for"

Your the kind of politician that thought modest amounts would go unnoticed. Little and often is your motto. You've realised all too late that as the Minister for Employment, to take anything at this time isn't such a bright idea.

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