Sunday, 6 September 2009

BBC Question Time and the BNP

I'm glad to see the BBC are being objective about BNP. Whether people like it or not they have two elected MEPs. Given the BNP are often spoken about on Question Time, why shouldn't we debate their policies with them? Ignoring or protesting against them hasn't worked, what harm can this possibly do?

There is more good, they have never shared a platform with the main parties, they've never had to really debate and justify what they stand for. Will polices such as: Deport all the two million plus immigrates who are here illegally, really stand up to scrutiny? As how much will it cost to find 2 million people in terms of money and police resources? What about Griffin's sink the boats of immigrants policy? That's something surely to challenge.

Yet in doing this it's important to listen to them, there are reasons why people are voting for them. Understanding that is the best way to make progress.

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