Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sky News - Leaders Debate

In a very clever move by Sky News they've issued the three main party leaders a former invitation to a live TV debate. As of writing this Cameron and Clegg have agreed, no commitment yet from Brown. Though Sky News have said they will "empty chair" Brown any party leader that doesn't show up.

No doubt rather than just saying yes or no, Brown will have 5 or so press conferences where he edges closer and closer to giving an answer, until releasing memos which give a definitive one. Though he will continue to pretend otherwise, it is of course easier and clearer that way.

I wrote a post previously when this TV debate last came up in the news and maintain that Nick Clegg has the most to gain from this debate. Yet maybe, just maybe we the public do too. Given the Prime Minster has so much control of policy and the finial say, this is a chance to know what they think about issues, I want to hear answers to questions like: what are you going to cut in the budget? What are your plans for the NHS? What do you plan to do in Afghanistan? If it's chaired properly, unlike in the House of Commons, they will have to answer the question.

The icing on the cake for me however will be, it's going to be so much fun to watch, a beer, some tortillas and a live debate that will have Brown grinning from ear to ear and swaying like he's being electrocuted, oh what a night.

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