Saturday, 12 September 2009

I'm Betting On?

I've placed two political bet's and in the interest of either being able to gloat if I win or be more inclined to keep my money in my pocket if I lose, my bet's are.

1) The battle of Buckingham seat.

The show down between John Bercow and Nigel Farage, I think could be one of the shockers of election night. As John Bercow won't be standing as a Tory candidate in a very conservative area, as he has done before, but as Speaker of the House of Commons. That will be like campaigning with terrible BO and food stuck in your teeth. It's certainly worth a little bet, given it would the biggest one finger salute the public have given parliament in modern history. How can I resit?

2) Ireland vs the EU

The Irish are voting again on the Lisbon Treaty after the EU tried to address their concerns regarding the legislation. I think the Irish will vote "no" again for numerous reasons. But largely because the EU are asking Ireland to trust that they won't move the goal posts, history indicates otherwise. This will be another one finger salute I believe. Ireland goes to the polls on the 2nd October, so we shall see.

It may seem that I'm inclined to bet on things that cause embarrassment to governments and that is quite correct. That beer will taste so much sweeter when brought by a politician.


  1. I never knew you could bet on things like that. Who is your bookmaker?

  2. Ahem

  3. How on earth did that happen Jennie?! I feel really conflicted now, do I get the button, do I get it and then "enhance it" or do I place with pride?!