Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Labour "Fighting Back" Left and Right

Labour are "fighters, not quitters" is the sound bite of the conference. Though it does make you wonder whether it resonates strongly for Labour, rather than just enforcing the fact they're the underdog in this election. Granted the British do like an underdog, yet usually they're charming, quirky and harmless, not words I would use to describe New Labour.

Brown's "inspiring" speech to the conference today clearly illustrated their election tactic, Conservative policy socially to woo the middle and for the grass-roots, after 12 years Labour have chosen this moment, to remind the public of their '"socialist" credentials for dealing with the economy. Effortlessly brushing under the carpet being Chancellor for 10 years while not being remotely socialist, never let the facts get in the way of an attempt to woo back the voter though.

This mixing of left and right wing is partly what has kept them in power, yet with the Tories now doing the same, what reason will people vote for them? Their track record is hardy a shining endorsement. So unless they really pull something out of the bag here, their policy so far is what we've been hearing for the last 12 years, asbos', tough on crime, targets. . . blah, blah, blah. These policies haven't worked and it won't work. As rather than tackling crime you just create more paperwork, throwing paper clips at a wife beater is completely ineffective. Why not do something really radical, come up with policy for once that's not just a gimmick.

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