Thursday, 3 September 2009

Nigel Farage To Challage The Speaker

I don't largely agree with Nigel Farage's views on the EU, but I always enjoy listening to him, he is someone I'm glad is involved politics. The news that he is to stand as a candidate against John Bercow, is certainly a surprise though. Farage has said:
This man represents all that is wrong with British politics today. He was embroiled in the expenses saga and he presides over a Parliament that virtually does nothing. He is not a Conservative and yet he is sitting in one of the safest Conservative seats in the country. It means the people of Buckingham cannot vote for a Conservative even if they want to.
Bercow's election as Speaker of the House was always going to be a bone of contention. I do however find the idea that voters have a chance to pass verdict on the speaker very democratic, not just at this election but if it always happened. Bercow has a majority of 13,000, which makes Farage's chances of winning it slim, a shame in some ways he doesn't choose a more winnable seat, as I do think he would shake things up in Parliament and he would give the anti EU voters a voice.

Yet this election will bring out the angry voters. That will make for some surprising results, Michael Portillo of course had a majority of 16,000, he infamously lost his seat at the 1997 election. I wonder how angry people are? Watch this seat.

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