Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Blog Awards

I've not written anything until now on the Total Political Blogging Awards, this is simply because if I honesty cared less I would be arrested for political negligence, my blog would be taken from me by social workers and I would imprisoned following psychological assessment. Yet I post on this subject now as it's chance to explain why I blog and to also take pride in my edgy outsider status.

My first post on this blog was about John Prescott's campaign to stop bankers bonuses or "greed culture". I had been debating with the idea of starting a blog for while, yet writing isn't the way I naturally express myself, so self doubt kept me lurking. Yet I read Prescott's post and filled with outrage at the audacity that Prescott, John Prescott of all people could even suggest the bankers were being "greedy". I set-up this blog and wrote my post, linked multiple times to his post and sat there clicking on the links with vigor for a good 10 minutes.

A sense of outrage started this blog and is partly the motive for continuing to post, why? Because I look around me when I go out and I wonder will it get better? I read the news and think am I crazy? This blog allows me gather my thoughts and feelings in order to make sense of them, it's my pressure valve so to speak. If it can also be a blog that other people can relate to that's wonderful, if not I would be still blogging away.

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