Sunday, 27 September 2009

Reminder For The Labour Party Conference

The Labour Party Conference kicks off in Brighton this week. For any one attending remember the golden rule - you are there to vote yes and agree, not criticise. Walter Wolfgang forgot his place and was dealt with accordingly, nonsense you may say, just don't say it at the conference.

It will be interesting to see what policy Labour are taking into the election and how party members react. I find it difficult to believe they have nothing to say given the saga of the last few months. The coup of Brown story is firing up again in the newspapers, yet if MPs didn't manage it before, they won't now. They may however set the narrative that will over shadow the conference, it certainly won't take much for the media to run with the story.

This conference is going to be a minefield for Brown and Co, yet it also poses a chance to turn the tables on the Tories. Though I feel they may be too defeatist and divided to use it's potential. We shall see what unfolds.

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