Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Nudie on the Plinth

I wrote previously on the Fourth Plinth in London, since that post there have been many odd, funny, political and nude people stand on it. All of which have been met without complaint, until now, when a man stood naked upon it:
Mr Williams-Thomas, a former Surrey Police detective constable, said his three children, aged between eight and 13 years old, were "very shocked and embarrassed" by Mr Holwell's nudity.

"I fully expected that the surrounding police or organisers would stop this man. To my total surprise they stood by and did nothing."

He added: "This was a public place and therefore I should be able to take my children without the fear of them having a man naked exposing himself."
I would strongly advise against going to Florence then, as there's a 17 feet high nude man, that's a lot of nudity, the "family" might get really embarrassed. Also cover their eyes in Piccadilly Circus there's a naked cupid, oh and don't even think about going to the Tate Modern. I've been, there's a whole floor dedicated to the nude.

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