Sunday, 27 September 2009

The Political Party - How It Works

In light of the last few posts on the party conferences, I realised that I might be presumptuous in thinking everyone understands the significance of the conference. So a quick run down of the nature of political party conference.

A political party isn't just MPs who sit in parliament, but anyone who is a signed up member. Policy gets put forward at conferences and the party members vote on it. Perhaps the best way of putting it is, that the party as a whole agree the mandate, they also are tasked with electing or nominating the party's leaders and leadership bodies within the party. In essence the conference is general meeting of the political party in order to make decisions, for non party members, it's a good indication of what we will be hearing when election season starts.


  1. You are such a liberal.

    Here is how it works in the Tories and Labour:

    Leader ===> people who want to be leader.

  2. :P The conference is like the humble strip club, they grab ahold of the greasy pole of promotion and grind against it!