Saturday, 11 April 2009

BNP EU Elections

Harriet Harman has said that "Labour is facing its biggest threat from the BNP" at the forthcoming EU elections. I was out today at a shopping centre in my local area, the BNP were there handing out leaflets, campaigning and talking to people. Generally where I live votes Conservative, and given the interest the BNP were creating today, I would say that threat doesn't just apply to Labour. Conservatives taking a less Euro-sceptic or not clearly stating their position on the EU, are in danger of pushing people into voting BNP out of protest.

This obsession political parties have with the internet after Obama's success, are missing the point. Yes it's a great way to get information to people, but you're not going to get people to click on a link if you don't generate interest in doing so. That's why Obama's on line campaign was successful, but it wasn't internet based alone. He went out and spoke to people, along with thousands of people phoning and campaigning on his behalf.

If political parties don't go out and talk to people, they're just giving votes to the BNP. People will think at least they're taking an interest in my local area, worries and in me, which is what I saw today.

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