Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Labour Tactics - What Now?

Do Labour have a plan C after the lack of bounce back the G20 and Obama left them with?

Any tactics they have will be really limited by Brown, as he's no showman, winning people over with charm isn't going to happen. Their other limitation is having to defend their record, they can't blame the Tories at this election.

Having control over calling the election is their trump card, unless a vote of confidence undermines that. It's doubtful the Tories will do that while they can sit back and not be in the direct firing line dealing with this recession. Backbenchers could rebel, but New Labour have never been good at that.

A switch of party leaders posses the problem, that if the Tories are leaking the expense claims, then that is a very sneaky move. Since who do they replace Brown with if front bench MP's are all discredited? Back bencher's aren't well known to the public and unless they're a British Obama, they really have their work cut out to win.

Calling an election as late as possible, in the hope of getting the economy back on track seems most likely, his actions so far reinforce this. It also leaves Gordon fighting back within his comfort zone i.e the economy. Though if this is plan C it's not very tactical, people are going to want to know if you have a vision other than a tunnel one.

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