Monday, 27 April 2009

Two U Turns and New Labour Snubbed

Two U turns and a snub in a day, nice to see Labour are clear and confident in what they're doing.

Brown has dropped his flat rate expense proposal and will only include the safe options that he knows MPs are likely to vote on. Which means his pay off didn't work, and what does that say about the state of New Labour, if MPs won't take a bribe to vote for Brown. Paul Waugh is reporting though that Sir Christopher Kelly is being asked to come up with proposal that looks a lot like Browns.

Jacqui Smith has decided that creating a mega database of information, might be going to far, in doing so she wins the award of "stating the bloody obvious". She's changed the proposal to have service providers retaining the data, every internet user will be given an unique ID code and all their data stored. So essentially if the government don't have it, it's not a privacy issue in her "mind".

Brown was snubbed by the Pakistani president when he cancelled the press conference scheduled between them. Which goes to show that when you point your finger and shout terrorist, it's not very diplomatic. Particularly when it's essential that we work with Pakistani. They do have nuclear weapons and the Taliban 65 miles from them.

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