Wednesday, 1 April 2009

G20 Day One Recap

As the dust settles on the signs denouncing greedy bankers, Gordon and Obama finish talking about their “special friendship”, and Jamie Oliver fires up the Downing Street oven to prepare a lavish dinner for world leaders. What is it people will remember?

The protests certainly have out numbered the coverage of anything so far, particularly this.

The only way Brown can compete with that is, riding into the press conference on the back of a horse, blood running down his face and suit slightly torn, shouting “it's hell out there but I made it”. Or being lowered on top of a giant globe into the middle of the press, jumping off and striding towards his podium.......which sadly I can actually imagine happening.

The "special friendship" has been getting a bit of coverage, not in an entirely positive way though. The meaning for the public has changed since Churchill first used it, under Blair and Bush it came to symbolise minsters falling over themselves to please the USA. Not really the best term to be using right now and such remarks are only remembered by politicians in fondness.

President Sarkozy looks likely to upstage the G20, by having a tantrum and turning the summit into an episode of EastEnders. I wouldn't be surprised however, if the Euro replaces the dollar as the main international currency off the back of this. Given the EU leaders certainly have a firm agreement as to what they want, along with a strong position.

On all the main news sites the protests along with France and Germany's demands are in the top3 most read today, Gordon's press conference doesn't make the top 10. Has what the G20 can achieve been pushed into hot air territory? Or is it simply that the drama is a lot more entertaining than Gordon?

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