Wednesday, 1 April 2009

BNP Put Jesus On A Poster

The BNP have launched another baiting campaign, this time rather than Churchill, Jesus is on their posters. With the quote "If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you. What would Jesus do?" Indeed what would Jesus do? Wash their feet? I don't imagine he would vote BNP as they suggest. The plus side to this advert is it just makes them look loony. They were starting to tone down the racist, bigot, martyrs message, which was making people listen.

I live in an area where the BNP gets a lot of votes. Though I could never vote for them personally, I understand why some people do. There's a presumption that it's about racism, and though for some it is, for most people it's a protest vote. They don't see the main parties addressing the taboo issue of immigration, giving people a choice on the EU and because Labour has moved so far away from their core voters, the BNP moved in to fill that void.

Until some of those points are addressed, the BNP will continue to gain votes off the back of people frustrations. Leaving it quite possible that they'll win a seat at the EU elections, and dare I say, given how frustrated people are getting, the general election.

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