Friday, 17 April 2009

Piracy aye! Shiver Me Timbers

Sweden's court has found guilty for breaking copyright law the founders of Pirate Bay, the high-profile file sharing website. We can all rest easy now knowing we won't be seeing any starving and homeless film stars and pop singers.

Never mind that they're still not addressing the reason why people turn to internet piracy. If they charged a fair and reasonable price to begin with, people would buy. It's unrealistic to rip customers off and expect them to embrace it. Their time would be better spent not just suing everyone, but working with the digital download industry, as they can not continue to be elitist in an internet age.

Disclaimer - the views expressed in this post do not mean I endorse or participate in file sharing. That would be like stealing a car or shoplifting, and I wouldn't do that.

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