Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Easter "Bombers" Released

Budget day is a good day to hide this among the headlines, nine of the twelve men arrested in a "very big" anti-terror operation, will be deported and not changed. There is something really odd about that whole operation, the fact the case is going to be reviewed just enforces this.

Looking at the operation time line raises both eyebrows:
  • Bob Quick shows off his secret documents to photographers, this brings forward operation "pathway" according to Jacqui Smith just a matter hours.
  • Police launch raids across 14 properties in Northwest England, Brown states "We are dealing with a very big terrorist plot. We have been following it for some time."
  • One of the men they arrest is freed straight away, suggesting he was wrongly arrested.
  • All goes quiet for a few days.
  • Then it's reported they will be released without charge and deported.
Though I'm sure everyone would agree using reliable intelligence pre-emptively, is far better than waiting until a terrorist has their finger the detonator. Yet can the word "intelligence" be used in any capacity with regard to this investigation. Turning it into a blaze of publicity, that verges on a witch hunt, just shows why policing and politics shouldn't mix.

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