Saturday, 11 April 2009


This "SmearGate" story all over the Blogosphere and news, has just left me perplexed. Is the story here that Labour no longer have morals and are delusional, they crossed a line into personal untrue attacks, they used taxpayers money for they own gain. Am I missing something here, as how is that different from what is continuously reported in the papers?

Granted I enjoyed the incredible irony of Derek Draper whining about "how wrong hacking into private email accounts is"- Labour would know all about that wouldn't they.

Perhaps I should be jumping on the bandwagon, anything that makes Brown uncomfortable and shows the Labour party for what it is, can't be bad. Yet I have the nagging thought of, why is this the "thing" to get Labour on when there are far worst stories. There's a party tribal feel to this and maybe that's where I fall short, I'm not party aligned. I'm left just finding it really difficult to relate to, particularly since the emails are posted among the tits, bums and gossip of the News of the World.

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