Friday, 10 April 2009

Inmates To Get Voting Rights

Though I do find the thought of politicians having to campaign in prisons entertaining. I'm mostly left just bemused by how can it be OK to take away the right of freedom, yet not the right to free election while in prison? Heaven forbidden being a convicted rapist means you miss an opportunity to vote.

This law does underline a growing problem with our legal system. Lady Justice's blindfold is starting to feel like it indicates blindness, not impartial justice. The balance between victim and convict has started to tilt in a way that doesn't seem right, fair or just.

The larger problem is this tug of war between Westminster and Strasbourg. Something will have to give, as it throws such confusion on the issue, who's in charge? What laws do we follow? What laws apply to us? Who makes these laws? This is increasingly becoming an unworkable situation, particularly when people's trust is being eroded.

It would be nice to think that perhaps in being forced into making this law, Labour will consider not just signing anything the EU puts in front of them in future. As I don't hold any hope that they have the backbone needed to stand up to the EU, or attempt the reform so badly needed.

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