Saturday, 4 April 2009

IMF To Hand Out Or Not To Hand Out?

There's been a lot of articles both in the media and blogosphere about Britain potentially having to go to the IMF for a hand out. The catalyst has been some minsters trying to change the political ramifications and sigma of doing just that. A senior Cabinet minister said:
"Previously a country would only go if they were in a very bad state. It was a bit like going to accident and emergency to get urgent help. This new facility will not be like that. It is a bit more like getting wellbeing care or even like going to a spa to recuperate." (read more)
Going to a spa? Make it sound like fun then. The contradiction between what Brown says and other MP's/economists say, is becoming increasing like a yo-yo. Which certainly reinforces the growing opinion that we may need the IMF, and at the very least doesn't fill anyone with confidence. Brown has however never been good at clear communication, nor are the Labour party really singing to the same tune right now. This could simply be a by-product of that.

If it's not and Britain's finances are as bad as some economists say. That's a hell of a humble pie Brown will have to eat, given his self important stance and “Iron Chancellor” dreams. Yet swallowing your pride while it's only a handful of MP's jobs on the line, is a lot better than the proposed 3 million unemployed, more mass house repossession and trillions of pounds worth of debt. The British will never forget, if Labour screw us all over for the sake of ego or delusion. Brown's name will be forever uttered with the distaste some speak the name Thatcher.

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