Monday, 13 April 2009

Voluntary Work For Under 19s

Labour have made a manifesto pledge for all under 19s to do 50 hours' compulsory voluntary work. I'm not against the idea of people giving something back to society, but it needs to be for the right reasons. Brown's proposal of a Hitler Youth 'National Youth Service' that:
…would mean young people being expected to contribute at least 50 hours of community service by the time they have reached the age of 19. This will build on the platform provided by citizenship classes as they develop in our schools....
Call me idealistic but isn't school meant to develop the mind not indoctrinate it. One size doesn't fit all, certainly not teenagers, give them opportunities to make a choice to gain work experience in this sector, in addition to other industries, academic and creative studies. Educating kids is far more important and productive, than giving them something to rebel against.

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