Monday, 27 July 2009

Artist Jasper Joffe to Sell Life Possessions

This is an interesting idea. The artist Jasper Joffe is to sell everything he owns at an exhibition of his possessions. It does however pose the question is it art? The way he's describing it sounds more like he's short of cash and needs some money. Yet whatever his personal reasons, it provokes a challenge to the viewer - would you do it?

That's important in art to engage people. It's not conventional art nor is it amazing or aesthetic, but does art need to be? This notion that art is a painting or sculpture is restrictive, art can be a concept, an idea, a thought, a feeling, either conveyed by the artist or by the viewer. It isn't a solely a medium.

So could I do it? There are things I couldn't contemplate selling, others that fall more into the back drop of my life I could. Yet that wouldn't be as freeing, as it's a leap of faith. One that would leave me hanging off the edge of the cliff with my computer in hand, screaming for someone to save it. I fail.

Could you sell your life possessions?

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