Monday, 13 July 2009

Gordon's Women

The Labour ladies have turned on Brown again, this time in "Gordon's Women" on radio 4. The programme explores whether or not Gordon has a problem working with women. I don't think it's a solely a female issue, Brown's problem is working with people that criticise him in general. This has increased as he's become more vulnerable, illustrated by his cabinet reshuffle being basically an act of putting up the barricades.

Opinion in the programme was divided, yet it's public opinion that matters. Does the term "window dressing" resonate with female voters? Deborah Matison, who studies public opinion for Gordon Brown didn't seem to think so, she said:
Women voters see him as a strong reliable sort of guy.
I'm not so sure she's really tapping into public opinion there, I think I would be inclined to call her bluff.

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