Saturday, 18 July 2009

Police Raid 'Rave'

This is just incredible, four police cars, a riot van and a police helicopter were sent to shut down an "illegal rave". If of course you consider a rave; 15 people legally in private field, toasting a 30th birthday, while eating burgers and not playing music, all at the late hour of 4 o'clock. How did the police know about this "rave", it was posted on Facebook as an "all-night" party. Or advertised on the internet as a "rave" as the police maintain, a police spokesperson said:
Had it gone ahead, it is likely that far more of our resources would have been used to police the event and there would have been considerable disruption to neighbouring properties.
Indeed a proportional response. Never mind the fact they pre emptive decided that the "ravers" were guilty and it was illegal. Call me old fashioned but no one had complained, you presume that they had no consideration for others and it was 4 pm, if you're going to act, shouldn't it be a response to something illegal.

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